Mr. Wonderful's Mindset

Masterful craftsmanship and cleverness are just a few of the objectives that Aaron Eskridge achieves with his artwork, a positive mindset of shared love and compassion also sit at the forefront of his creative drive. In a time of uncertainty and hostility for much of our world, his work shines brightest and reminds us to appreciate the wonderful things and people in our lives.


‘Tis is the season to show appreciation and love to those around us who make our lives wonderful. Whether it be through a small note or a few words of encouragement, spreading a little positivity throughout our days makes a world of difference in the end. Now, we know that there are many different kinds of love, so we are lucky to have Aaron be able to express these caring emotions and sentiments with a variety of original works and prints.

Eskridge Kitchen I Love You.jpg

Aaron’s work is available and waiting to brighten up your day at Just Looking Gallery, located in the heart of downtown, San Luis Obispo.