Craftsmanship in the Digital Area


In a time where digital is the norm and mass-production is as simple as a “copy & paste,” true craftsmanship shines the brightest. Nick Cochiolo’s process and craft exemplifies the human spirit and drive to create excellence. Furthermore, few styles hold as much power and historical importance as the Art Deco movement of the 1930's. A true classic in the fine art world, and Nick Cochiolo's concrete casting could not be a better representation of this strength and iconic nature. Inspired by Deco sculptures in the Chanin building in New York City, and modeled for Gotham City in Tim Burton's Batman; this sculpture holds true historical value with its powerful presence.

Helios finished.jpg
Atlas finished.jpg
Hephaistos finished.jpg
Himeros finished.jpg
Morpheus finished.jpg
Prometheus finished.jpg
Typhon finished.jpg
Zephyrus finished.jpg