Wonder Bread - You Are Wonderful

Wonder Bread truly revolutionized America's shelves and kitchens when it was first introduced to the market on the 21st of May, 1921. Ever heard of the expression "The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread"? Well, Wonder Bread was the FIRST pre-sliced loaf sold in the 1930s. Its undoubtedly iconic and timeless logo was partly inspired by the International Ballon Race at the Indianapolis Speedway; and to this day, it remains engraved in the minds of millions of bread loving Americans. 

wonder bread billboard.jpg

Aaron Eskridge's witty and clever humor shines through his latest piece "You Are Wonderful."  Here, Eskridge makes use of the nostalgic Wonder Bread colors, while also introducing a refreshing new perspective from his own artistic vision. Featuring a genuinely warm and optimistic message, "You are Wonderful" also serves as a pleasant reminder that, even at our lowest points we must always remember the wonders that exist in each one of us. 

You Are Wonderful by Aaron Eskridge - Limited Edition Print on Canvas 18" x 72" $900
You Are Wonderful by Aaron Eskridge - Original on Board 24" x 96" $4,000