Tea Late Afternoon

Catherine Abel Tea Late Afternoon 40x48 original (small).jpg

Painted in 2005 and exhibited in Sydney Australia, this original oil painting on canvas by Catherine Abel has spent the past 12 years in a private collection here in California.  Titled "Tea Late Afternoon" this original oil painting on canvas measures 40"x48".  The painting is centered around the climate and culture of Summer in Sydney.  In her signature style, Catherine wanted to capture the strong golden light of Australia paired with Australia's cultural dichotomy.  

The model was a close friend and neighbor of Catherine Abel's at the time.  The cane/wicker chair she's sitting on is very Australian in style, the painting is complimented by Australian floral displays of the Protea flowers (that were in bloom at the time) and the small Jacaranda tree (purple flowers bottom right) a signature display of Sydney, this piece is the epitome of Tea on a Late Afternoon in Australia.  

Beyond the tradition of afternoon tea, there is a hint of Australia's British past too, hence the traditional tea cup and the Clarice Cliff pottery, an English Ceramic Artist active from 1922 to 1963.