JC Leyendecker Bronze Sculpture

"The Arrow Collar Man" Bronze Sculpture 

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Often referred to as "The Smoker," this sculpture was actually an extremely rare bronze casting of a JC Leyendecker piece that was created for the New York menswear company Cluett Peabody & Company in the 1920's. Known as "The Arrow Collar Man," JC Leyendecker created an advertising campaign for Cluett Peabody & Company, which epitomized the ideal of male class and sophistication.

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With JC Leyendecker, the company created a series of countertop sculptures that were displayed in department stores as a means of promoting Cluett Peabody & Company's shirts and detachable shirt collars, known as the Arrow Collars.

Weighing in at 20 pounds, this solid bronze sculpture measures 17.5" tall, is in perfect condition and looks just as dapper as the day he was cast!

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Few American illustrators have had as much impact and success as JC Leyendecker (1874–1951). His paintings and illustrations for the mass publications of the early 20th century created sophisticated and highly successful American Illustrated Icons such as the “Arrow Collar Man” and the Saturday Evening Post’s “New Year’s Babies.” Leyendecker’s work and particular style went on to inspire many other highly popular illustrators of the era such as Norman Rockwell.
As a graduate from the Chicago Art Institute, and the Colarossi and Académie Julian in Paris; Leyendecker revolutionized the illustration and advertisement industries, both of which were seamlessly integrated into his masterpieces.

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