Creating "Fanfare For The Common Man"

Integrity.  Pride.  Dedication.  Greatness.  When it comes to Tim Huhn's artwork you can't help but think about these values which are represented in all of his paintings.  His art-deco series, which has continued to thrive and grow for over 10 years, speaks to the hard work and persistent creativity of the 1930's Art Deco Era.  Over the past two months, Tim Huhn has been diligently creating his newest painting connecting the themes of integrity, pride, dedication, and greatness within one spectacular original image.  Here you will have a rare look inside the creative process and development of Tim Huhn's latest project, "Fanfare for the Common Man."

Stage 1:  Beginning with the Basics

Even as a former Disney Artist with decades of illustration and painting experience, Tim starts with the basic essentials, a piece of paper and a pencil.  Beginning with an idea and a central message in mind, Tim decides how best to visually represent those concepts and the subject matter of the piece through rough sketches.  Then, he refines those sketches into a detailed line-drawing of what will become the finished painting.

Stage 2:  Moving Forward

The pencil drawing is the foundation for each of Tim's monumental paintings, and after he finalizes the line drawing he then proceeds to colorize the image.  Very attentively he focuses on one section at a time, slowly bringing the entire piece to life.

Initial Study Painting 19"x26"

With his paintings diving so deep into these powerful themes every detail is considered when evaluating how best to capture the essence of this historic time period.  In this case, Tim Huhn created two different preliminary study paintings, each with their own unique color scheme before deciding on the final appearance.

Second Study Painting 19"x26"

Stage 3:  From an Idea to a Reality

Ultimately, it's Tim's compositional elements of juxtaposing perspective lines to create tension, and his stark contrast of light and dark to create illumination which capture the heroic spirit and inspiring nature of Tim Huhn's original ideas.  Integrity.  Pride.  Dedication.  Greatness.

Finished Oil Painting 40"x55"

"Fanfare For The Common Man"