Betancourt's MiniTins in the International Spotlight

Matthew Betancourt’s meticulously crafted MiniTins earned him a spotlight in the internationally acclaimed blog, Kottke. Even though his works picture small scenes and landscapes, Matthew’s expert color work and mastery of atmospheric perspective give his oil paintings a fantastic illusion of depth; thus adding to the overall majestic and intimate feel of the piece. Matthew’s rapidly growing fanbase and recognition paint a bright and dynamic picture for his future and collectability.

From Kottke:

“Painter Matthew Betancourt paints these miniature works of art inside the covers of Altoids tins. Aside from the playfulness and cuteness factor, I love that he uses the bottom half of the tin as a palette and it’s displayed along with the finished painting. You get to see the process along with the work. It’s something that Betancourt plays with even more on his Instagram account, where he displays subject, palette, and finished product all in one go.”