What Do You Collect? Boo Boo Records Collection

It's the hunt that we all love so much; flipping through stacks of both perfectly packaged treasures and beaten tattered used sleeves still protecting that beautiful vinyl record, but when you find that special album, the one you might not even have been looking for, it's difficult to contain your enthusiasm.  Steve Thomas' Newest Boo Boo Records Print celebrates those that love to collect vinyl.

In June of 2016, Steve Thomas released his first print of Boo Boo Records and we quickly learned what a big deal this small-town record shop was.  We had people rushing in to pick-up their print of Boo Boo's and they would tell us stories of first dates vinyl shopping, weekly visits to their store and how this piece perfectly captured the vinyl culture.  Since that first piece we've realized that Boo Boo Records isn't just a great local record shop, but that they're one of the best vinyl stores in the US!  We love the friendly vibe and the passion that they continue to share with each generation that discovers the beauty of vinyl.

As Steve began to work on a new Boo Boo Records piece, he was able to collaborate with Mike White, owner of Boo Boo Records, to line out a new visual concept that captured the nostalgic feeling and eclectic quality of vinyl collecting; and of course Steve had to sneak a few favorite albums in there too!  Can you spot the hidden treasures?