Star Wars and Steve Thomas

Star Wars ... if you have a pulse and breath oxygen you've probably seen the movies, have your favorite character, and do "the best" Chewbacca impression. If not, then you're that person who's been asked multiple times by people in disbelief, "Wait, you've never seen Star Wars?!"  Well, the same could be said for the travel poster art of Steve Thomas, America's most distinguished contemporary commercial illustrator. It's hard to step outside and not see something created or worked on by Steve Thomas. Over the years he has produced artwork for America's National Parks, Clif Bar, Disney, and of course, Star Wars.  

Steve Thomas first began creating Star Wars posters in his iconic Art Deco style in 2007. They are witty, strikingly colorful, and perfectly capture the culture of the Star Wars universe. They bring a sense of timeless realism to this fictional world that makes you feel like you could simply plan a camping trip on Endor or catch a cruise to Tatooine on an Imperial Star Destroyer. From the original trilogy to the newest releases he's done it all!

A New Hope.jpg
Melinium Falcon.jpg
Rebel Cola.jpg
Empire Fizz.jpg

All of the artwork is officially licensed with Star Wars and Steve Thomas will once again be attending Star Wars Week at Disney World in January 2018 to sign and share his artwork!

Echo Ski.jpg
Report Sedition.jpg
Dogobah Tea.jpg
Jedi Cola.jpg
Dark Side Coffee.jpg
Storm Trooper Academy.jpg
Star Destroyer.jpg
Desert Speeder.jpg
Jedi Unite.jpg
Rolling Droid.jpg
Liberty for All.jpg